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King Tony Lifetime Guarantee

At King Tony, we are so confident about the strength and durability of our tools that we offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty. This warranty is limited to King Tony tools, purchased through Nogard Trading (operating as King Tony Australia) and their distributors.

What It Includes

King Tony Australia will repair or replace (with an equivalent) any non-powered hand tools or accessories that fail due to defective materials or workmanship whilst under normal use by the original owner, within the useful life of the tool. Any warranty claims must be authorised by a King Tony Australia representative.

What It Does Not Include

King Tony’s torque wrenches and torque are covered under a limited 12 month warranty. During which time they are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials or workmanship (excluding calibration). This warranty is void if torque wrenches and torque multipliers are found to have been abused, misused, modified or disassembled by someone other than an Authorised Calibration Centre. King Tony torque wrenches are manufactured to ANSI & DIN industrial standards and are calibrated at the time of manufacture. King Tony recommends that all torque wrenches be recalibrated once a year or more, depending on usage and reset torque to 0 (ft‐lb), (Nm) or (Inch‐lb.) when not in use.

Further Details

King Tony Australia reserves the right to inspect products to determine if they are covered under warranty and refuse customers that have abused, misused, modified, disassembled or tampered with products. The reasonable useful life of the tool and degree of wear or degradation, will be taken into consideration when evaluating if a tool qualifies for repair or replacement.

King Tony Australia reserves the right to supply replacement parts where the tool can be repaired.

This warranty is non-transferrable, the claimant must be the original purchaser and able to produce proof of purchase upon request.

The claimant must surrender the defective product in order to receive a replacement.

Tools must be returned to the place of purchase. This warranty does not cover the costs of returning the product to its place of purchase.

King Tony Australia accepts no liability for consequential, incidental, or specific damages resulting from or in any manner related to the product, its design, use or any inability to use the same. The only remedy for defective products shall be the repair or replacement of the tool.

How Do I Claim?

You can contact King Tony Australia to enquire about King Tony’s lifetime warranty or begin a claim process.

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