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With over 32 years experience, King Tony knows that it isn’t just toughness that makes his tools such a high quality. All of Tony’s tools are designed with you in mind, including easy metric and imperial colour coding systems, comfortable hand grips and easy accessibility.

Each tools needs to pass up to 19 inspection tests before it gets Tony's "tough" tick of approval. 

1_King Tony Inspection Test_Spectrometer

1. Spectrometer Test
Measures and analyses the exact
percentage of materials such
as Iron, Manganese, Nickel and
Chromium in the tools

2_King Tony Inspection Test_Hand Gauge M

2. Hand Gauge Measurement
Ensures the screw taps
measurement is precise
and meets DIN Standards

3_King Tony Inspection Test_Rockwell Har

3. Rockwell Hardness Test
Applies pressure to the tool to
ensure it’s built tough and won’t
fracture under extreme pressure

4_King Tony Inspection Test_Salt Water S

4. Salt-Water Spray Test
48 hour high salt environment
simulations to measure
rust resistance

5_King Tony Inspection Test_Plate Thickn

5. Plate Thickness Test
Chemical testing to check
plate thickness is of King Tony’s
quality standards

6_King Tony Inspection Test_Fracture Tes

6. Fracture Test
Certifies that the maximum torque
exceeds the DIN Standards, and the
tool won’t fracture under pressure

7_King Tony Inspection Test_Precision Cu

7. Precision Cutting
Cuts through raw materials and
is closely inspected for any
flaws or microscopic fractures

8_King Tony Inspection Test_Mounting Pre

8. Mounting Press Machine
Creates metal structure samples
to check for structural deficiencies

9_King Tony Inspection Test_Grinding & P

9. Grinding & Polishing Machine
Inspects and smooths tool
for maximum clarity and
premium shine

10_King Tony Inspection Test_Microscopic

10. Microscopic Hardness Test
Analyses the composition of metal after heat treatment to determine that maximum hardness has been achieved

11_King Tony Inspection Test_Temperature

11. Temperature & Humidity Test
Environmental simulations to test the
tool's durability in temperatures
between -20˚C and 70˚C

12_King Tony Inspection Test_Tension Tes

12. Tension Test
Determines if the tool
exceeds the DIN Standards
maximum pull force

13_King Tony Inspection Test_Hammering T

13. Hammering Test Machine
Tests the lifetime and strength of the
hammer head and wooden shaft

14_King Tony Inspection Test_Plier Class

14. Plier Class Measure Test
Establishes the cutting force of each
plier and its lifetime durability

15_King Tony Inspection Test_Micro Torqu

15. Micro Torque Test
Designed to test maximum torque of
smaller tools to determine durability

16_King Tony Inspection Test_Vision Meas

16. Vision Measuring Machine
Measurement of tools with tight
angles to ensure it's built to precision

17_King Tony Inspection Test_Torque Wren

17. Torque Wrench Test
Follows DIN ISO Standard testing
to determine torque tolerance at
20%, 60% and 100%

18_King Tony Inspection Test_Carbon Stre

18. Carton Strength Test
Determines the strength of the packaging to assure the tool stays in quality condition during storage and transit

19_King Tony Inspection Test_Insulation

19. Insulation Test
Ensures that the insulation
on tools rated for 1000 volts
is compliant and offers ample
protection to the user

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