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12/24/48V DC Circuit Tester

12/24/48V DC Circuit Tester

SKU: 295099
  • ÿÿ For 12/24/48V DC systems
  • ÿÿ For application of DC circuits only
  • ÿÿ Check if the circuit is electrified by stainless steel stylus
  • Test by car battery or negative ground conversion
  • Powered from the power source being measured, no batteries required
  • Nixie display easy to read digital voltage display
  • CE Approvals: EN 61000-6-3(2007) EN 61000-6-1(2007)
  • Do not use on air bags
  • Ultra-V will burn circuit board
  • 3M Long retractable cable
  • 1M Extension cable
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